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Oh my God! Where do I start? What started out as a simple cake decorating class has evolved into a flourishing business that is focused on celebrating life and bringing joy to families especially those with dietary restrictions. Hi! My name is Sira Garib and I am the owner of Pure Vegan Cakes located in West Palm Beach Florida. My husband and I who are both vegans noticed that the quality and options for vegan desserts were limited or did not meet our expectations. So, we set out on a mission – “Let’s make vegan (Dairy Free) desserts so delicious that everyone can enjoy”. After 8 grueling months of experimenting with different recipes and products we made to the finish line or so we thought. Shortly after we received cake requests for special dietary needs such as Soy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Sugar Free. We noticed that these customers were not being served by the local mainstream bakeries. This broke our hearts because it opened our eyes to see how isolated customers with special dietary restrictions may feel specifically when they are celebrating something as special such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding etc. We took on the challenge and according to our customer reviews we totally crushed it!  Desserts that everyone can enjoy regardless of dietary restrictions. 

Our mission is to provide delicious plant-based cakes and desserts to everyone with a dietary restriction. We specialize in custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Presently, we are also the only South Florida vegan bakery that has Italian rainbow cookies, and (PYO) paint your own cookie(s).  I truly love veganizing any and all pastries. Almost half of our customer base are non vegans. They simply enjoy our cakes because it is flavorful and has the right balance of sweetness. We pride ourselves on the seamless quality of our vegan cakes. You truly cannot taste the difference between vegan and non-vegan. We have customers that drive as far as Vero Beach or South Miami for our cakes and desserts! We've been blessed to serve several celebrities including the amazing Tabitha Brown.

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Sira Garib

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