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Please Note: Minimum of 14 day notice required for orders with a minimum order of 12 (dozen per item)

Signature Italian Rainbow Cookies:Our top seller, signature Italian Rainbow Cookies made entirely from scratch. Key ingredients includes almond paste, apricot filling, and topped off with vegan ganache, and a lotta love! ( Two 3*3 individual pieces)
Vegan Custom Sugar Cookie Options:
Minnie Mouse custom cookies with edible printing is ready for a special little girl's birt
sunflower wedding cookies.PNG
Paint Your Own Cookie: This is fun for any age and a awesome activity for a kids or holiday party. 4” Square cookie, comes with color palate and paint brush, individually wrapped. $6 Each
halloween pyo.PNG
Easter PYO.PNG
elsa pyo.PNG
xmas PYO.PNG
Other Vegan & GF Dessert Options:

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