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Our First Blog!!!

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Our First Blog!!!

Hello!! My name is Sira Garib and I am the CEO, Mompreneur, and Executive Pastry Chef of Pure Vegan Cakes. It's been quite a fantastic journey from the beginning to the present. We've had the opportunity to serve people from all walks of life, from inspiring celebrities such as Tabitha Brown, Machel Montano, Jaime Kern Lima, Shannon, and Ray Allen, to Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's personal chef, Richard Ingraham.

I encourage you to read the "About Us" tab on our website to learn about our entire story of how this business started!

It's not just about cakes...

It's actually never been about making/designing a cake. It's about the JOY, the LOVE, celebrating and making a person feel SPECIAL, LOVED, and CARED FOR. This feeling is priceless and what continues to drive me to veganize everything so we can provide this feeling for everyone. We encourage you all to celebrate while you can and capture those moments. One day all you'll have left to remember are those moments captured.

What to Expect...

This is our first blog of many!! Get ready to read all the stories behind our celebrity cakes, and receive the inside scoops on how our "Ah Ha!!" moments happened. As well as enjoying blogs about Vegan Baking, Gluten Free, Raising a Vegan Kid, etc.

We're excited for you to hear about these epic moments both the good and the bad! There are so many exciting behind-the-scenes scenarios that go into making and delivering that joy to my clients that I take a lot of pride in.

Follow us on social media @purevegancakes and stay tuned to our blogs!

If you want to try our desserts, you can contact me by clicking "Get a Quote" right here.


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